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Bushwack Corridor

Between the foreground cliff and the God Crag proper is a cleft with some smooth rock and some thin bolted routes in the 5.11c – 5.12 hard range. The bolt lines are obvious.
63a)***Unknown  5.11c About 40 feet up hill from Assemblage Point is a short hand crack. Climb the crack to a stance on the arete (bolt), about 10 feet left of the 3rd bolt of Assemblage point. Travers left on thin friction up past 2 more bolts. 90 feet, gear and 3 bolts.

64) ***Assemblage Point 5.11d. Climb the downhill face on the left. Start around the corner on the south face, ease around to the first bolt and up, as the holds keep getting worse and worse. Expect to move left above the second bolt on some crystals to thin edges and horizontals, then back left to bolt #3. Continue on crystals. Just before the bulge near the top, traverse right to a bolt around the corner. Finish up crack to shuts with some gear. Dificulty may have changed due to crystal breakage. 110 feet

65)*** Unknown 5.11d. Climb past 4 bolts on left side of left face of cleft. Thin.

66)*** Earth Tones 5.11c. Climb past 3 bolts in center of left face. Thin.

67) * Unknown 5.10b/c. Toward the back of the corridor, on the right side. Climb past 5 bolts, rising over several bumps and arêtes. Shuts at top. 80 feet.

Proceed downhill and to the left, then up onto a patio. You will need to step across a tricky 4-foot sloping gap, so you will know you’re there! The Alpenglow buttress will be just to your right as you face up hill.

68)*** Scared Seamless 5.10b/c. Follow 2 bolts up center of slab through bulge, up vanishing seam to left, finishing with traverse to anchor on right. Light rack including several small SLCD or Tri-cams for top of seam. 70 feet.

69)** Praying Mantel 5.9R. Escape to right well before the seam vanishes. Easier rock, but a fall near the top would be bad.

70) Unknown 5.7. To the left of Scared Seamless there is an easier off-width crack. Takes reasonable size gear in deep. How do you rate discomfort? 70 feet, big gear.

71)* Leitmotif 5.9. Climb smaller buttress between Scared Seamless and Alpenglow. Climb lichen-covered rock past 2 bolts. Light rack.

72)*** Alpenglow 5.11a. Follow line of bolts up buttress 25 feet to right of Scared Seamless. The climb begins with a traverse in from the left side through a small bulge. 85 feet. There is also a difficult bolted direct start through the over hang at the base.

73)** Short ‘n’ Schweet, 5.9+ About 100 feet downhill from Assemblage Point, below Alpenglow: Two bolts on a sloping face lead past a prominent at horizontal to a short layback crack; harder than it looks. 50 feet, some gear, no bolts at the top; descend tricky gully to the right.

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