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White Oak Canyon, 2011

Not a great ice season, but enough for a few day trips, including this 65-foot rotting death trap that just barely went, dropped the microwave-sized bulge that formed at the summit for the first climber. A 50-pound bomb.

Note: it was NOT belayed from from directly below. This  climb always sports a small ice talus field, where the bits shed in the sun each day accumulate.

North Wall, WI4+, 60 feet
The drama, wondering if the whole business was going to crumble under a climber's weight, led to a lack of good photos. Ascending a long wall just north of the trail, between the amphitheater and the upper falls, it's a fine climb that seldom forms.

North and above the amphitheater were a number of solid 40-foot climbs....

North Wall, WI 3+ to WI4

and the flows of the south side of the amphitheater, though simple, were as thick and dependable as ever.
Ursa Crag, WI 3

Photos by Dave Rockwell

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